at the Auditorium of African Union Commission(AUC) Headquaters, Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia

On Friday,February 3rd,2017

His Excellency, the African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs,

His Excellency Minister of health of the Republic of Senegal represented by Professor Diop Papa Saloum

All protocol observed,

We are getting to the end of our international conference on «Implementation of global surgery in Africa».Those three days were extremely busy;we discussed seriously on every presentation made; we expressed relevant recommendations and brought up an action-plan to be followed up.

My first priority and duty is to thank all of you; his Excellency, the AU commissioner of social affairs, your presentations has been well appreciated and documented.

Our gratitude is addressed to: His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire; His Excellency, the commissioner of science, technology and innovation for his brilliant and exciting presentation and all presenters from African Union Commission; the representative of the Director general of the Economic Commission for Africa for her impressive communication on recent social and economic trends in Africa and implication on health; representatives of His Excellency, the Minister of Health of Senegal; Dr Kassama, Director of African Union medical services and all his staff for their constant implication in the organization of this conference; Professor Derbew Chairman,Local organizing committee and his team; all the Guest-speakers and panelists for their excellent and instructive presentations and comments; all the participants from all over the world including international organisations for health; all the sponsors, exibitors,our event organizer and his team, the personnel of AUC, members of the Press.

Distinguished Participants,

From this Conference,our goals have been achieved: recommendations and action-plan have been adopted. A final communique has been reported and will be sent at AUC for consideration and appropriate decisions at appropriate stage. The role of our organization regarding Global Surgery in Africa is clear; based on discussions, consensus , recommendations and conclusions of this conference, our actions will be focused on help for decision-making, care, training and research for global surgery in Africa; as well, our surgical association, will play a role in advising and assisting national and international health policy institutions and decision-makers in the development of action plans for Global Surgery; PAAS group for the follow-up of action plans in Global surgery will be established; PAAS will work for improving access to surgical care in disadvantaged, remote, rural and semi-urban areas; for identification of regional training and research centers devoted to global surgery; PAAS will also contribute to increase the number of Trainers and Researchers in global surgery for Africa; to facilitate development of manpower and competencies in global surgery at primary and middle level of health systems; and to facilitate the establishment of regional centers for learning emergency and essential surgical techniques; and for basic and advanced surgical procedures in general; PAAS will organize annually conferences or seminars or workshops for exchanges and continuing education in global surgery. Finally, PAAS will act for a continuous and solid collaboration with African Union Commission, Economic Commission for Africa, World Health Organization and other health organizations worldwide for the improvement of global surgery and surgical care services in Africa.

In another word, PAAS as a continental organisation will drive african surgical problems, particularly Global surgery in Africa, at political level for relevant health policies to be implemented.

We wish you all a safe trip back to your respective countries and hope to meeting you again at African Union Commission next year at the second international conference of PAAS.

God bless you all,

God bless PAAS,

God bless Ethiopia,

God bless African Union Commission and our Home Continent:Africa



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